What is a tile?

A tile is a piece of LIFEwall which you can purchase and populate as you wish. Add an image or text. Once you post a tile, it's there for eternity!

Tile Categories

You are allowed to choose one of five categories for your tile:

  • Wedding
  • Birth
  • In Memoriam
  • Text Only
  • Other

  • For Wedding, Birth, and In Memoriam tiles, you must enter the event date and event location as searchable tags. Birth and In Memoriam tiles also require a tag for the subject's gender. Tags are completely optional for Text Only and Other tiles.
    When purchasing a tile linked to an already existing tile, you may select the Text Only category or Other category.

    Tags and Searching

    Tiles can by viewed by category using the drop-down menu on the Home page. Tiles are also viewable by assigned tags using the "Search for an Existing Tile:" box on the Home page.

    How much does it cost?

    It costs only $5 (US Dollars) to create a Tile and have it set for eternity!


    NO pornographic images, or obscene pictures. Use your common sense.
    NO racism or sexism. We are all for free speech, however we will not tolerate racism or sexism.
    NO images or statements which can be proven to be libel.
    NO REFUNDS. There will be no refunds for tiles removed by us for violating the above policies.
    NO NOTICE. There will be no notice given prior to the removal of tiles.

    For additional questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page or feel free contact us.

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