Frequently Asked Questions


  • a wall, a message board that belongs to the world. There are no boundaries ! Walls were designed to separate and keep out. LIFEwall is the first wall built to bring the world together.

  • a place to put your thoughts, wishes, and images for all eternity. It's a chance to immortalize your love, family, friends, pets, or thoughts... once it's on our wall, it's here for eternity !

How does it work?

Buy a tile. You can specify a tile type for special commemorations (i.e. Birth, Wedding, In Memoriam). Currently we have a few tile types available but we will add more as we grow. Add your image or text, tag the tiles, and post.

What are the Tags for?

Tags are keywords which create a community for your tile. Each tile is implicitly tagged by upload location and purchase date. You can also add your own tags. Tiles are searchable by tags, so your tile can be searched for by the tags you list.

After I buy my tile, how do I find it?

You will receive a tile URL which you can share with others so they can find your tile. A tile can also be found by its URL, upload location, purchase date, tile type, and any additional tags.


Each tile has a built-in LIFElink™ capability. Unless you opt out, anyone can add a tile with their opinion or view to your tile through LIFElink™. When your tile is viewed, all other linked tiles also show up.

How long does a tile last?

All postings are for eternity. Once on the wall, they cannot be retracted.


All tiles are anonymous. We do not ask for account creation. Unless you put identifying information on the tile, the postings are anonymous.

There are no boundaries? Is there anything I can't post on my tile?

We are all for free speech but also believe that it's important to respect our community. The LIFEwall Upload Policy states that we will not tolerate pornography, racism, sexism, or any content which can be proven to be libel.

How much does it cost?

It costs only $5 (US Dollars) to create a Tile and have it set for eternity!

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